Founded in 1984, Carla Mancini is an American brand with a heritage deeply rooted in quality, value, and intricate styles. Designed in Los Angeles, California this season was inspired by the designer’s Mediterranean’s origin while being relevant to his American customers.


Every season, a limited number of handbags are carefully and thoughtfully finished by hand. The collection is designed for the sophisticated woman that is not designer-logo conscious and prefers to let her own individual style guide her choice of what to wear.
Owner and designer Richard Elgrichi, has an instinctive passion for his products. His selection of colorful and rich leathers always include those quintessential neutrals making them a must in every woman's closet.
Vintage metallic, shimmery, camouflage, and nubuck, studded leathers were used to create a free spirited, yet timeless Carla Mancini Spring Summer 2019 assortment.
Adding backpacks and fanny packs, Carla Mancini has upheld its mantra of creating affordable luxurious pieces adding a hint of trend to this season’s collection.